Hi! I’m Lizzy. There are a couple of things you should know about me:

I love to run. Like really love. How did I start putting one foot in front of the other? Long story short, my mom forced me to join cross country when I started high school (for the full long story, click here). I had done a few 5Ks and running events before but freshman year was the first time that I truly began to train for competitive races. After that I was hooked! I ended up running 12 seasons of cross country in high school and competing on the Division I women’s cross and country and track teams at Marist College. Now I do marketing for a family of running stores local to the Baltimore area as my full-time gig and am currently training for fall races. I am also passionate about helpiing others foster a lifelong love of running and recently started coaching middle distance running groups!  if you’re interested in training with me, check out upcoming programs here. In summary, running clothes make up about 85% of my weekly wardrobe (no complaints here).

junior-running          last-race

In addition to running, I love to try out all different types of exercise! Right now, I love working out with November Project Baltimore, taking yoga classes and walking around to explore my city! One thing I know for certain is that I always feel better when I have a little pep in my step while I run, work out or dance around with my friends which is why exercise is a big part of my daily life.

Fruits and veggies are my BFFs. I have always loved eating fresh produce but I made the switch to a plant-based diet last August after starting to educate myself more regarding the harmful practices of the meat and dairy industry. I now follow a vegan lifestyle in an effort to make less of a negative environmental impact (for a few small ways you can start making a big difference, click here). I’m always THAT girl photographing my food in front of flowers so I can Insta my meals later. I love sharing this vibrant photos to show that eating vegan can be nourishing, fun, easy and beautiful! If you are interested in checking out my (almost) daily posts, join the @peppysteps family on Instagram.

I am a self-diagnosed nut butter addict. Peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter…I really don’t discriminate.

I’m on a journey! I don’t expect my thoughts and opinions to stay the same as I continue to learn more about the world. I hope you’ll join me as I discover how to balance healthy eating and enjoyable exercise in order to live a peppy life!

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I can talk all day, but I’d love to hear your story too! Say hello in the comments below and share a little bit about yourself so we can meet. I’m always up for a good chat. 🙂


  1. Roxy Novo

    Wow this is some amazing stuff! You got the total 360 runner vibe down. Can’t wait to read more(;

    1. Lizzy

      Thanks so much, Roxy! Your support means a lot. I can’t wait to write about the half marathons we do together!

  2. Kelly

    At long last … another vegetarian in the family. Welcome, welcome to the good life! xo

    1. Lizzy

      Aunt Kelly,

      Yes! I am looking forward to enjoying lots of yummy veggies together at family celebrations!

  3. i love that you say “i’m on a journey” our thoughts are always changing and evolving 🙂

    1. Lizzy

      Yes! I totally agree. I know what I’m thinking now but who knows what I’ll believe in a few years, months or days.

  4. Yacob

    Hi Liz,
    I am thankful for the wonderful coaching for the Every Monday Evening Track Fun Run. Three weeks into it and already started asking “what will I do after that?”.
    Keep what you are doing for the community. I am Loving it.

    1. Lizzy

      Hi Yacob,

      Your kind message just made my day! Thank you so much for commenting. I am so happy that you joined our Monday night group. It has been a ton of fun for me to coach the track workouts. I hope to see you in a training group or at other fun runs in the future!

      – Lizzy

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