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6 Blogger Approved Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Oats

Have I mentioned my love of breakfast yet? OK, yeah I think you guys get the idea by now. Anyways, one of my favorite choices for the first meal of the day is oats. You can do a lot with your oatmeal – make it sweet, make it savory, make it hot, make it cold. You can go crazy with toppings, pour your favorite nut milk on top or stir in powders. But, even the best of us can get suck in an oat rut – when you get by with the same boring bowl, morning after morning – and lose the excitement of preparing breakfast.

Lately, I’ve been feeling as though I could use some inspiration in the oatmeal department so I called upon a few of my favorite food and fitness bloggers to lend a hand. Below, each pair or person shares a favorite tip for spicing up morning oatmeal so that you never have to settle for boring porridge again. And trust me, all of these tips are easy and unique.  From sweet mix-ins to a secret way to add veggies to your dish, there’s an option for every oat lover! I myself, can’t wait to test them all. In addition to giving these tips a try, make sure to check out the amazing Instagrams, YouTube Channels and blogs that these creatives produce – you will definitely find some new favorites to follow!

1. Get creative with a classic sweet and savory combo by making your own berry compote.

Create an easy, and naturally sweet berry compote of sorts by combining 3/4 cup frozen blueberries in a saucepan with enough water to cover the bottom. Heat over meduim heat, stirring and slighty mashing some blueberries to create a jam like consistancy. For added sweetness, use 2/3 water and 1/3 pure maple syrup combine with the blueberries. Once heated, pour atop prepared oats along with a generous scoop of your favorite nut butter.

– Lauren of @livinpeanutbetter. So basically I want to be this girl’s best friend. She is finishing up a kick-a$$ senior track season and crafts the most hilarious food puns to go with her drool-worthy Insta pics. Seriously. You need to check this gal out! You will soon want to be her best friend too.


2. Get a sneaky dose of veggies in the morning with shredded zucchini.

Zucchini Oats

Our tip is to add zucchini for both volume and vegetables to your breakfast. Simply shred the zucchini and add it into your oats, you won’t even know they are there! (View the full recipe for Easy Zucchini Peanut Buter Oats, here)

Jasmine of Sweet Simple Vegan and Chris of Conscious Chris. Aka two of my favorite vegan vloggers! Their work is part of the reason I switched to a plant-based diet in the first place and I’m honored to feature them on my own blog! Be sure to check out their amazing YouTube Channels (Jasmine, Chris) and inspiring Instagrams (Jasmine, Chris) for lots of vegan vlogs and photos.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate chips!

As a teacher, I like to meal prep breakfast and lunch for the week that way it’s done and I have one less thing to worry about! Oatmeal has become the easiest breakfast to portion out for a week, but it took me a few different recipes to find something that I actually liked because it can be a bit bland in my opinion. I have a natural sweet tooth, so that’s where the chocolate chips come in. Just a few chips add a huge amount of flavor! Yes, I’m adding a bit of sugar; however, I don’t add any other sweetener like agave or honey… plus I balance it out with fruit and chia!

– Ashley of Eucalyptus Dreams. I’m so glad that a mutal friend introduced me to this girl! She’s a fellow Baltimore vegan runner and blogger. Stay tuned for more adventerous collaborations with this cool chick. In the mean time, follow her on Instagram here!


4. Add a texture twist by stirring trail mix into your creation.

My tip for making oatmeal more exciting is to add trail mix! I love it because it creates texture for some crunch and adds sweet and savory flavors without going too overboard.

– Katie of Hungry Runner. This is one of those moments when I LOVE the power of social media. I follow Katie on Instagram for runspiration and I noticed that she seemed to love oats just as much as I do. I reached out to her to be a part of this collaboration and now here she is!



5. Get a natural sugar high by cooking with banana.

I started adding bananas to my oatmeal because I needed something to do with my overripe bananas so I tested it out one day and it turned out amazing! It gives the oatmeal so much flavor that it almost tastes like banana bread. It’s a great alternative to sugary sweeteners like brown sugar that a lot of people associate with oatmeal.

– Calli & Addi of @_eat_sleep_run. These two sisters kill the running, eating, Instagramming game (as you might have guessed from their handle). I always love “hearting” their simple food creations and decadent desserts on my feed.


6. Go tropical and spoon out of a cantaloupe bowl.

Oats are way more fun to eat of a fruit bowl! Wishing you were on an exotic island this summer? Spoon out the seeds from a halved cantaloupe and pour your cooked oats in the middle. Top with coconut, kiwi and hemp seeds for even more excitement! You will love digging into the pairing of crisp cantaloupe with spoonfuls of hearty oats.

– Lizzy of Pep In Your Step. Oh hey that’s me! (not funny, I know). If this is your first time here, welcome to the peppy family! I love writing and ‘gramming about the power of plants, the joy of running and my journey to find balanced wellness. Want to stick around for more? You can read more about me or sign up for my bi-monthly emails!

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What is your favorite way to spice up your morning bowl of oatmeal? And/or, which tip are you most excited to try? Be sure to let me know when have your next bowl of inspired oats!


  1. YAY! All of these are such great suggestions 🙂 I can’t wait to try them! Luckily, I’m about to head out for my long run so I’m already dreaming of what I’ll add to my oatmeal bowl when I’m finished! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your post!

    1. Lizzy

      Hi Katie! Thanks for contributing a great oatmeal tip! I hope you enjoyed a big bowl of delicious, creative oats once you got back from your long run. 🙂

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